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Houston & Kemah, Texas – January 16, 2014, Brenham Oil & Gas President, Bryant Mook, today announced the acquisition of a 332 acre oil and gas lease, the "Inez Field Prospect," located in Victoria County, Texas. Further, the Company acquired #1 Roberts Unit well-bore, as well as all the equipment down-hole and surface equipment associated therewith. Brenham acquired 100% of the working interest and a net revenue interest of 74%. The Company will pay an additional $230,000 to the Seller prior to the beginning of any oil & gas exploration.

In January 1990, Ken Petroleum Corporation drilled and completed the #1 Roberts Unit in the Inez (8,600’) Field in Victoria County, Texas. The well was initially completed in the Yegua "B" between 8498-8510’ and flowed 2,668 MCFGPD on an 8/64" choke. In February 1990, Stuart Petroleum Testers performed a Full Scale Separator Test, and it was determined that the Roberts well had a potential of 9,000 MCFGPD and 65.14 barrels of 48° API condensate during the 4-point test. The well later encountered mechanical problems and has since been shut-in.

Brenham Oil and Gas plans to side track or drill a new well to regain production from the well in the Yegua. Reserves are estimated to be 4 billion cubic feet of gas and 160,000 barrels of condensate per well from the Yegua. Brenham can drill 3-4 wells on the lease.

The secondary objective is the over-pressured Jackson Shale interval from 6,000 ft. to 8,000 ft., which tested gas from a 40 ft. perforated interval. In the new well to be drilled in the Yegua, Brenham plans to core several intervals in the Jackson Shale to conduct a petrophysical study.

Brenham previously announced the acquisition of 100% of the working interest in a 394 acre portion of the "Gillock Oil and Gas Field" in Galveston County, Texas. The conclusions of an internal reserve analysis, including a 4 mile by 4 mile seismic study of the 394 acre lease acquired by Brenham indicated proved undeveloped (PUD) and discounted NPV of 10% valued at $38,259,500. The Company is in the process of obtaining an independent reserve report on its Gillock Field Interest, and plans to seek financing for a two-well development program later in 2014.

Brenham Oil & Gas Corp. is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the acquisition of petroleum resources. Brenham's team includes experienced professionals from major oil and gas companies.

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