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Houston & Kemah, Texas – April 27, 2012 American International Industries, Inc. (OTCBB: AMIN) today announced that its 50%-owned subsidiary, Subsea IP Holdings LLC ("Subsea"), has received two Notices of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") for U.S. Patent Application Nos. 12/842,475 and 12/948,236. Subsea’s second and third U.S. Patents are expected to be issued in June, 2012.

The claims in U.S. Patent Application No. 12/842,475 are directed towards a subsea oil spill containment assembly having at least one mud flap that may be activated to protrude from or retract into a wall of the containment assembly to control the depth that the containment assembly sinks to below the ocean floor.

The claims in U.S. Patent Application No. 12/948,236 are directed towards a method and apparatus for containing a subsea oil spill by using a containment assembly and a valve assembly that are each independently reinforced to withstand the extremely high pressure of oil and/or gas spewing from a "wild well" that has experienced a subsea blowout caused by, for example, a defective blowout preventer (BOP).

Subsea’s first U.S. Patent No. 8,025,103 was issued on September 27, 2011, and is the only patent issued by the USPTO thus far that specifically addresses methods and apparatus for containing an oil spill similar to the one caused by the 2010 BP/Macondo accident.

Subsea has several other pending patent applications that have not yet been examined.

Subsea is a holding company for an intellectual property ("IP") portfolio associated with various procedures and apparatus configurations that may be implemented to contain oil and/or gas that is uncontrollably spewing due to a subsea blowout, such as what occurred during the 2010 BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, at least until a relief well can be drilled.  For more information regarding Subsea, please visit their website at

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