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Houston & Kemah, Texas Ė September 4, 2013, Brenham Oil & Gas Corp., OTCBB: BRHM ("Brenham"), a subsidiary of American International Industries, Inc., OTCBB: AMIN ("American").

Dear Shareholders: Since the strategic spinoff from our parent company, Brenham has made progress on its objectives of acquiring lower risk domestic drilling opportunities coupled with higher risk international exploration in Africa. We would like to take a moment to outline the progress we have made and our vision moving forward. We also plan to communicate with our shareholders on a more frequent basis going forward regarding their investment in Brenham.

Bryant Mook, President of Brenham stated, "Brenham is pleased to announce the following achievements and progress toward its strategic objectives":

During the first quarter of 2013, Brenham acquired the 394 acre oil and gas lease which is part of the Gillock Oil Field based in Dickinson, Texas, three miles north of Texas City, Texas. An internal reserve study of the 394 acre lease conducted by our petroleum engineers concluded that the leased field had proved undeveloped (PUD) undiscounted revenues of $73,162,300 and discounted NPV of 10% valued at $33,441,000 and possible reserves (POSS) undiscounted valued at $195,848,900 and discounted NPV of 10% valued at $81,454,100, the 3P reserves discounted at NPV 10% valued at $114,895,200. In order to realize the leaseís potential, the Company is preparing a development package that it intends to present to prospective industry and financial partners.

Brenham purchased 4 square miles of 3D seismic data for the purpose of completion of its drilling program in the Gillock Field in Galveston County Texas. A preliminary review of our reprocessed 3D seismic data shows numerous fault traps and amplitude bright spots normally associated with hydrocarbon production at both the Frio and deeper Vicksburg level. Additionally, structural rollover indicative of a hydrocarbon trap is also present in shallower horizons as well. As there are well over 20 pay zones in Gillock Field the possibility of shallower pay would not be a surprise and all of the aforementioned anomalies are being carefully investigated and evaluated by our experienced geophysical team. Brenham expects a final report on this in a few weeks at which time we will finalize our development plan for all anomalies. The 3D seismic data in conjunction with adjacent and nearby production will enable Brenham to pick precise drillable locations in the Frio as well as providing Brenham the opportunity to upgrade the reserve category of the Vicksburg Formation, thereby enhancing the value of the company.

Brenham has successfully acquired a 10% working interest in the Pierce Junction oil field located in Houston, Texas which has production of approximately 30 barrels per day. Presently, Brenham is seeking to acquire additional working interests in the Pierce Junction oil field from the other partners. The Company also is developing a plan to undertake a comprehensive work over program to increase production in the field to approximately 100 barrels per day.

In line with Brenhamís corporate vision of petroleum exploration in Africa, in 2012 Brenham signed a 15% production sharing contract for Block Y with the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. Brenham is negotiating the sale of its subsidiary Brenham Oil and Gas International, LLC for purposes of focusing the Companiesí efforts and resources on the Texas assets.

Brenham is continuing to pursue its $6.4 billion claim against ENI and TGS in connection with its "tortious interference" case, which transaction was previously negotiated in a "production sharing agreement" with the country of Togo, Africa. Brenhamís claims are currently in the process of being appealed over matters primarily related to whether the Texas court was the appropriate venue for pursuing the claims.

Brenhamís primary objective and current focus during the remainder of 2013 and through 2014 will be accessing capital to fund its drilling programs in Texas.

Brenham Oil & Gas Corp. is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the acquisition of petroleum resources. Brenham's team includes experienced professionals from major oil and gas companies.

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