About Us

American International Industries, Inc. (OTCQB: AMIN) is an investment organization that takes an active role in the companies it invests in to foster profitability through its financial resources and its management expertise.  American International has interests in Finance, Real Estate and looking for opportunities in the real estate investments.

American International acts as a professional and financial partner to improve its subsidiary's access to capital, market share and revenues. The company's business strategy is based on two distinct concepts; control combined with management assistance to financial needs.  The company does not get involved in day to day operations of any of its subsidiaries.

The combination of these concepts is based on efficient and smooth integration of American International's designated management team and proven procedures into each company.

By operating as a holding company, American International serves both as a financial and professional business savvy partner for its subsidiaries. Its role is to improve each portfolio company's access to capital.

As of the last year, Brenham merged with a company based in Angola Africa.

American International Industries, Inc. (AMIN), the holding company, has its own portfolio of diversified investments such as cash, receivables, stocks portfolio, etc.  In addition, AMIN, as a holding company, owns two (2) operating company, American International Texas Properties, Inc. (“investments” in Real Estate) and Kemah 518, Inc. (real estate properties owned). The above described operating subsidiaries has its own revenues and profits base; however, AMIN the holding company itself derives its own profits primarily from the sale of assets, which sale of assets may depend on market conditions, USA and world economic conditions, and other unforeseen factors.  The holding company costs of operating are substantial, such as home office, general and administrative, professional, accounting and auditing fees, governance, compliance costs and the cost of a responsible Board of Directors and related expenses.  Since its inception, and over eighteen (18) years, AMIN acquired and sold operating companies, real estate, and other investments, with most sales of its assets resulting in profits.

American International's asset portfolio consists of the following subsidiaries: 

·       American International Texas Properties, Inc. (AITP), a wholly-owned real estate subsidiary, owns a portfolio of strategically located parcels of land and farmland in Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas in Texas.  Source of the most savvy and reputable investors in the world have highly recommended investments and ownership in land and farmland. 

·       Kemah 518, Inc. is a developer of four (4) 1-acre sites.  One of the sites was leased for 20-years to AutoZone.  The lease was sold to a third party for $1,780,000 cash.  The other three (3) 1-acre sites are being marketed for users.  At this time, one (1) of the sites for sale is under contract for $1,070,000 with a closing to take place before the end of 2020.  Another site is being negotiated presently with a letter of intent.

         The portfolio includes (appraised values): 

1)   96 acres in Galveston County, Texas, 4,500,000;

2)   34 acres on Airport Boulevard in Houston, Texas, $3,000,000;

3)   1.7 acres in Galveston County, Texas, $2,000,000

4)   3 1-acre sites in Galveston County, Texas, $3,500,000

The Company is not filing its financials with the SEC at this time.